Win $200 Towards a Hotel Stay

hotel receptionHere’s a giveaway with great odds to win.  $200 off your next hotel stay is not bad at all!  And all it takes is a comment.

Kendra of Points & Pixie Dust is giving away a $200 voucher to Hotel Engine.

Basically, Kendra reviewed Hotel Engine and received some questions about how good the service is.  Hotel Engine responded by giving Kendra this $200 voucher to give away.

Right now, there’s about 30 comments, so your odds of getting $200 is pretty good.

Click here and leave a comment to enter!


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  1. So you want us to click on Kendra’s link but for some reason it’s like a referral link URL that let’s her know it came from your site. What, are you getting referral money for that copy paste job you are usually guilty of doing?

    No thanks. I just went to her site directly. Nice try though.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Nope, all that link does is let her know where her traffic is coming from. Since we are all on the Boarding Area URL, the analytics system doesn’t differentiate.

      Kendra asked me to link and I’m more than happy to. I used to see how many people clicked through and utm to show Kendra how many came through.

      It’s all for better information about how traffic is flowing.

      I earn no money from this and am always happy to help a fellow BA blogger with their promotions.

    • Actually, I hope that you would support Heels First and use their referral link – although they didn’t put one of their links in this post! I

  2. ERMAHGERD Jeanne! Stop tricking us with your scam links!


  3. Jeanne and Keri, thanks so much for helping me get the word out about this giveaway. I really appreciate you linking to me. $200 is a nice chunk of change and you’re right…odds are good. Thanks again! You guys are always so helpful.

  4. Billy Ray Vienna!!!

  5. Shhh don’t tell Amy more people keeps the odds in our favor

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