Fares to Europe from West Coast at ~$465

The Flight Deal has an amazing deal up tonight.  Travel to Europe from the West Coast for less than $465.

I love the team at the Flight Deal and I make sure I get all of their deals by text.

As a reminder of how to do this:

This process involves signing up for twitter.  Even if you won’t be an active user of twitter, it’s a good idea to have an account to take advantage of deals on contests in general.
First I have Twitter configured to send me mobile updates.

Subscribe to Direct Messages

1.  Click on the Gear Box at the Top

2. Select Settings

3.  Click on “Mobileâ€

4.  Make sure “Tweets you’ve enabled from people†is selected.  If your phone number is not set up, it will prompt you to set that up first.

Then go over to the Flight Deal’s twitter page and follow them.

Subscribe to notifications


Turn on Mobile Notifications, and you are set!

I completely recommend, in your mobile settings, setting up this (though it isn’t required to receive the texts):

Sleep Settings

This way, the texts won’t wake you up.

So who should you subscribe to?

The Flight Deal has deals for: †from NYC / BOS / PHL / DC / MIA / DFW / PHX / LAX / SFO / PDX / SEA and ORDâ€

I recommend following them even if you aren’t in those areas because they are gateway cities.  There’s a lot of good international deals–worth the effort flying out to the gateway.

Fare Deal Alert: Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando, and San Diego

I’ve gotten lazier (in a good way!) thanks to the Flight Deal, so I totally recommend following their alerts.


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  1. I like how my twitter handle is present in your screenshot! haha

  2. Thanks much. I was able to snag 4 nights SFO-DUB RT in March for $464.80.

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