Flight Attendant Union Fighting to Reinstate Ban on Electronics for Take-Off/Landings

According to Jack Nicas of the Wall Street Journal, the union that represents flight attendants is fighting to reinstate the electronics ban on take-off and landing.

From the article:

 The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA is suing the Federal Aviation Administration, saying the agency notice last year that paved the way for fliers to use their devices throughout flights violated federal regulations that require passengers to stow all items during takeoffs and landings.

Attorney Amanda Duré, who is representing the attendants union, said that since the policy change, many fliers have stopped listening to attendants’ emergency announcements and, in at least one incident, a tablet became a projectile during turbulence. The union also is concerned the devices could impede passengers’ exit from an aircraft during an emergency.

The counter-argument is that federal regulations have never covered small items.  Rather, they applied to items that would be considered luggage.

While I understand that a tablet can become a projectile during turbulence, I’d much rather get hit with a Kindle than an actual copy of War & Peace–something passengers could always read during take-off.


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  1. “At least one incident” tells us everything we need to know. If there was any real danger, the FAA and/or the airlines would take action.

    1. Do the “Federal Regulations” also apply to Flight Attendants that are texting and surfing the web during takeoff and landing?

    2. Does the most severe turbulence occur during takeoff or landing or in flight?

    3. Which is the more dangerous projectile: a 6 once cell phone or a 250 pound flight attendant?

    4. How does a tiny cell phone or tablet actually interfere with post crash evacuations in real life experience as opposed to supposition?

    Let’s rely on the expertise and education of real safety experts rather than a union with an axe to grind.

    FWIW, most frequent fliers stopped listening to announcements long before the invention of the cell phone or tablet.

  2. The cabin crew FEEL more “powerful” when more passengers pay more attention to them. This (flight attendant) Union demand seems way less rooted in a safety issue than an ego/power/control-freak issue.

    This Union’s push is a reflection of having too many members with little Napoleon complexes.

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