Support Breast Cancer Research While You Fly

This got some mentions on other blogs earlier this month but here’s a reminder.

From October 1-31, 2014, for every boarding pass photo posted to Twitter & Instagram with the hashtag #flyforpink, the frequent flyer collaborative of BoardingArea, Milepoint,Freddie Awards, Bonusfeber, Ikvliegveel and Frequent Traveler University will donate .50 cents to cancer-related causes (up to a $10,000 total donation). The beneficiaries of the#flyforpink campaign are HERE.

Posting your boarding pass is a pretty easy process.


Everyone’s postings can be seen here on the main website.

One note though–for privacy reasons, I’d cover up FF numbers, record locator numbers, and the barcode–ESPECIALLY if you are using this at the start of your trip.  (Someone could access your record if they had your locator number and the patience to try out a few dates).

Also, don’t forget to register for FTUniversity and come hang out with us in our home town!  We are happy to pass on restaurant or winery recommendations for while you are here. 😀

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  1. Yes I agree. This has trouble written all over it. There’s better ways to promote and donate to cancer research. They should know better than not everyone will be savvy enough to cover up sensitive info and they’re using a vehicle such as a public forum to facilitate publishing that info. Boarding passes are a terrible idea.

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