What a $15 Hotel Room Looks Like in Vegas

Earlier, I wrote on what a $20 tip got me in Vegas.  Now, I’m going to show you what a $15 room looks like.

Not a $15 tip.  A $15 room rate.

When I saw a $15 room rate at the Excalibur, I had to jump on it.  For science I guess.  I didn’t actually stay there, but I really wanted to know what a $15 room looked like.

And here it is in all its glory!

(I apologize for the dingy lighting.  I could not get the lighting bright enough to take pictures and the blinds were pretty jammed open).

excalibur $15 room

I was actually surprised that the bedspreads weren’t worse.  It also smelled decently nice in there.

excalibur $15 room

The bath products included shampoo, bath gel, lotion and a single bar soap.

excalibur $15 room

The shower looked decently clean.

There was also an interesting view of the freeway behind the hotel.

excalibur $15 room

And if I put my forehead up against the glass and tried to look straight down, I could see a pool.

excalibur $15 room

The gentleman at the front desk seemed a bit confused as to why a Platinum Mlife was checking in there.  He also wasn’t exactly sure how the Hyatt partnership worked.  He said, I see you are earning credits with… Hyatt?  Can I see your Hyatt card?

I realized he asked that because in Vegas you need to have a copy of your Mlife card.  It isn’t like other hotel property types where you just automatically get benefits from it being on your account.  You flash it pretty often.

I handed him my Hyatt credit card, which has my Hyatt number on it, and that was good enough for him.

The best part was the check-in packet included a $20 credit at a Luxor or Excalibur bar.  If it weren’t for the resort fee, I’d be up!


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  1. That room you got was the updated ‘contemporary’ room at Excalibur. Surprised you received that on a $15 rate! I guess the mlife status had something to do with it? The older, non-updated rooms at Excalibur are um, kitchy, to put it nicely.

  2. I checked into Excalibur for a Hyatt stay credit. My room was not as nice as yours, but not completely horrible. However for a small increase in price, you can stay at NYNY or MGM grand which alot nicer.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      NYNY and Circus Circus are the only places I don’t have experience with now. Is NYNY worth checking out? (Not going to try CC. Scared of clowns. Seriously).

  3. Heading to MGM next week with MLife Platinum (thanks to Marriott/Hyatt challenge). We were at Aria last week and didn’t realize until we got to the front of the taxi line we could’ve skipped the line. What else should I know to take full advantage of this status next week?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’ve heard of people getting free tickets to Shark Reef in Mandalay & Dolphin area in Mirage. Whip out the card when making a reservation somewhere. They removed the official benefit of late check out, but they still gave it to me when I asked.

  4. “dinghy lighting”, “blinds pretty jammed open”, “single bar of soap”, “smelled decently nice”, “decently clean”…
    So would it have been worth $15 or you couldn’t imagine staying at a place that low? I hope they turned the room around for somebody that would have been satisfied (especially at that price).

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I wasn’t planning on from the start, but had I planned on staying one more night, I definitely would have been fine staying there. (The rate was still low, so I don’t they were booked much that day)

  5. NYNY would not be my first choice of mlife hotels. I like the Mirage. It is however acceptable and I would actually sleep there if the price was right.

  6. then there is the resort fee 20.00 if I remember right –

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