Another Big Hyatt Website Bug

I keep running into the weirdest Hyatt bugs, but this one would have been particularly bad.  This has also happened to me at least once before and luckily I noticed it after booking and Hyatt was able to undo it.  In this case, I noticed during booking.

I was looking at booking a stay for next week in a city, and I was looking at the list of properties for that day.

I was thinking for a while, then turned the “show Hyatt Passport points” option on, and was happy to find the property I wanted at a point rate I didn’t mind.

This whole process took me a while, but it didn’t time out at all.

What it did do was revert the date I was booking for to today.

hyatt website bugging out


The part that caught my eye was the day of the week more so than the date.  If I had hit book, I would have been outside the cancel window and would have to call Hyatt for an exception.

Thinking maybe I was going crazy, I hit the back button a few times to my original search.

hyatt website bugging out2

What it appears to me, between this search and the last, is that when you are on the site for a while, your search does time out.  But instead of cancelling your search, it reverts it to today’s date instead of your search terms.

Both of these bookings were made with points, but I’m not sure whether that’s relevant.  The most time I waited was before I selected the check box asking for the “price” in points.

Either way, be careful if you are hanging out on the site for a while and make sure you aren’t booking for today’s date.

Hyatt was really good about removing it from my account immediately last time and alerted their IT team, but had I not noticed, I may have had a missed stay then realized closer to my trip that I don’t actually have a hotel!

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  1. I had the same thing happen when booking a hostel on Only, I didn’t notice it until I arrived at the hostel and they asked why I hadn’t checked in the day before (I was making almost last-minute reservations). Luckily, they still had room and didn’t end up charging me for the extra night.

  2. I don’t have full faith in many of their services at this point. Social Media team, HGP Customer Service, and the Hyatt website all show different availability for the same nights at the same hotel. One person says full point redemption available, one says only for one night, someone else says Points & Cash only, etc.

    I spent a half hour on the phone with a very nice young lady who helped me book an award that wasn’t available on the website (score!). I was very happy until I saw the confirmation .. for the wrong dates (even though we confirmed everything together).

    Quite frustrating for such a huge chain. Fingers crossed things align sooner than later..

  3. Same thing happened to me once…but I didn’t notice until I booked it! I immediately called Hyatt, and they called the hotel to make sure it was OK to cancel…thankfully they said yes. I would have thrown a fit if they hadn’t though. They really need to fix their website bugs.

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