Tips from Tiff: Update to Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Spirit Airlines likes to keep you on your toes. They’ve changed their baggage fees again. Oh, Spirit Airlines baggage fees…

Previously you paid the same fee if you purchased your bag online before you checked into your flight no matter when you did it as long as it was before you checked into your flight. Now Spirit Airlines is charging $5 more if you purchase your bags after you buy your tickets, but before you check-in online.  (Click it to make it larger)

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Unfortunately if you buy your tickets at the airport, you have no choice but to take the $5 hit (each way) because you’re not purchasing your tickets online. But if I’m only checking one bag each way and purchasing three round-trip tickets at the airport it’s still usually enough of a savings for me to buy my tickets at the airport.

The passenger usage fee per ticket each way is still $17.99. $17.99 x 6 = $107.94

If I’m checking one (or even two) bags each way, it’s still worth it to buy my tickets at the airport even with the $10 or $20 hit on baggage fees. However, this could change my strategy if I’m only buying one ticket, especially if I see a good $9 fare or sale online.

Spirit is also increasing bag fees for holiday travel. If you’re flying on Spirit between June 19, 2015 and August 17, 2015 all baggage fees will be $2 more than the normal price. Unless you’re a $9 Fare Club member, then you pay the same price as normal.

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