Is It a Hotel’s Job to Keep Your Secrets?

hotel receptionCracked released an article on 5 Things You Learn About Rich People by Working at a Nice Hotel a few weeks ago.

These “secrets of hotels” type articles bother me a bit because I assume celebrities and rich people go to nice hotels to have a certain degree of privacy from the staff.  And this article (and other ones) give enough information on some of the bad behavior let us decipher who these people are.

Even with good behavior, I’m not so sure celebrities want people to know just how generous they are.  I’ve read some articles that have given me “good feels” about certain celebrities, but my guess is they did not subtly pass a hotel employee just for it to be made totally public.

I had a friend who worked at a very high-end resort that celebrities frequented.  There was a female celebrity who frequented her reports, and I always heard stories about “Ms. Celebrity”.  Ms. Celebrity had a child and often participated in the children’s activities with her child whereas the other parents watch from a distance.

What seemed to be a parent having silly interactions with their child became leaked stories about how weird Ms. Celebrity is and how detached from reality she was.

I finally said something because it seemed like a huge breach of Ms. Celebrity’s privacy.  She probably went to Fancy Hotel because she felt protected from paparazzi and gossip stories.  But it was the staff who was telling on her.

In the case of the Cracked story, the celebrity called out by-everything-but-his-name was engaging in bad behavior.  Does that change things?  Or do celebrities not have a right to secrets in hotels (or any guests!)

What do you think?  For me, it seems like the hotel staff should keep mum in most cases.  I even think so in the case of the food industry (which was my industry before my current one), and thought that releasing an athlete’s tip was extremely unprofessional.

What do you think?

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