My Stays With Club Carlson This Year = 0

I’ve stayed at Club Carlson properties a bunch in the past.  I even got married in one (The New Rochelle Radisson).

And I tend to stay at their Country Inn & Suites when staying around the general Virginia area.  And I usually stay half on points, half paying cash.

Recently, given all the changes Club Carlson made to their program–raising the cost per night plus taking away the free second night perk with credit cards–every time I look at how many points I’d be paying per night, I just bristle.

But also, I feel like my loyalty in general has waned.  I’ve paid for a lot of my rooms, but for some reason, when I look at costs–it doesn’t feel worth it.

Now I have to admit, some of the way I feel about this may also be influenced by all the Hyatt Places and Houses that have been popping up everywhere.  It could be that they are “stealing” my loyalty away from some Radissons I would have stayed at otherwise.

The view from the The Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel
The view from the The Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel

Even then, Tiff and I really wanted to check out the Radisson Blu in the Mall of America.  I mean, we were really excited about it.  Then our interest sorta waned.

I can’t tell exactly what it is.  Did the program changes come off so badly that I lost interest in the brand?

I’m leaning towards that, but in a subtle way.  I wasn’t someone leading the charge in anger against Club Carlson.

After all, their loyalty program is their party, so they make the rules.

But maybe it did leave a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

How do you feel about Club Carlson now?

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  1. My loyalty starting waning when they upped the points for a lot of their hotels. I like having them if we need them, but we’ve only used them once this year so far (Radisson Blu Dublin airport). When we had other options available to us (IHG and Hilton) we’ve opted to go with them instead.

  2. I also not had a Club Carlson stay this year. I have hotels stays in the DC area (Maryland usually) every week and it seems in addition to the program changes the prices are also relatively higher. I’ve been looking for a stay to at least get the 30K bonus, but it may not happen.

    I have also not had an IHG stay since their promotions have been so poor (at least what they offered to me).

    • We have Platinum status with IHG, so it’s worth it for us. 🙂

        • No, not Spire, just regular Platinum. =)

          • I’m Platinum also (by credit card), but they still won’t see me on a paid stay as long as they keeping giving me ridiculous requirements for Big Wins, or whatever they choose to call it.

          • We usually qualify for government rates at their properties, and when we want to stay at more expensive ones we typically use cash + points. I also like the free upgrades we get as Platinum, even if it’s just an ocean-view room vs. a parking lot view room. =)

  3. was a loyal Club Carlson member, 20+ nights last year. Even bought club carlson points by paying cash. with the change to the “last night free” benefit, totally soured on club carlson. have 200,000 points which I will use sometime. Time to cancel the credit card too!

  4. I got screwed by Carlson when they massively devalued their original GoldPoints program a few years ago, and cashed in all the points so I didn’t have a Carlson/Radisson stay for several years. Two years ago, I got back on board courtesy of a terrific sign up bonus for their credit card. Started staying with them again, and wham—- again, without notice, they devalued the whole program. I haven’t stayed all year in a Radisson—- although I’ve got 21 credits so far with Starwood, 20 with Hyatt, 3 Hiltons and a half dozen other hotels. This firm is not to be trusted with loyalty, as their “loyalty programs” are really just scams they intend to use to pry out short term earnings and they have no intention of returning your loyalty with aspirational awards. They should be boycotted by the frequent traveller community on principle.

  5. Gold Points may be earned by only one Club Carlson member per Eligible Stay, and that member must appear on the reservation and be the registered guest. Gold Points may be earned on up to three rooms booked under the same reservation, but credit for multiple rooms must be requested at or before the time of check-in and the member must appear on the reservation for at least one of the booked rooms and be a registered guest for the duration of the Eligible Stay.

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