Sometimes the Best Souvenirs are the Silliest

While my husband and I were still dating, I took a work trip to New Orleans–his previous home.

Since he’s a New Orleans expert, I asked if he wanted to come along to also show me around.

While en-route to my final destination, my aunt–whom I was close to–passed away.

I did not see it coming and I was just stunned.  The Hyatt French Quarter sent up a bottle of wine and muffaletta.  I curled up on the couch in our (thank you, Hyatt!) suite and consumed all those items without a word.

Oh, and the extra-spicy Zapps they sent up too.  That was a mistake.  I’ll admit that.  Though it’s hard to be sad when your mouth was on fire.

But I spent most of the time numb.  I could barely remember networking with everyone I was supposed to network with.  I didn’t know how to react or what to do.

Bill didn’t know either.

But he ran to the store and came back.  And gave me my favorite souvenir ever.



A stuffed alligator.  With specific instructions that *this* alligator isn’t for eating.

I cracked up.  Probably for the first time on the trip.  Which I think also helped get some crying out later on too.

But it was what I needed to break the numbness.  Plus, that’s the happiest looking alligator I’ve ever seen.

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