The Watergate Hotel Reopening in DC After Being Shuttered for 9 Years

The Watergate has an interesting place in my memory.  I’m too young to know it for its scandalous history, but it WAS where I bought all my groceries when I first lived in DC.

There was a market in its basement and I lived a few blocks away.  I spent so much time there, so I felt sad when it shuttered.  Oh yeah, and it was the site of a monumental event in American history.

But the Watergate will be (soft) re-opening this Tuesday!  They are embracing the scandal:

 Among the Watergate’s amenities are a restaurant, spa, swimming pool, whiskey bar and cigar lounge. Much of the furniture throughout the property has been custom-made to look like it’s from the 1960s, and employee uniforms were created by “Mad Men†costume designer Janie Bryant. Guest key cards say “No need to break in,†in a nod to the Watergate burglary scandal at the nearby office building that led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon.

According to the hotel website, opening rates are around $300 a night.  I probably won’t stay overnight (it’s a little silly to spend that much to stay in the city I live in), but I definitely will stop by the whiskey/cigar lounge.

Later this year, they will be opening a rooftop bar with kickass views.


While the Watergate has been purchased before with the intent of opening, it was purchased by a company that spread its investments a little thin.

I’m happy to see it back in action.

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  1. wow,this looks awesome. Almost like a dream..

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