Why the Hyatt Website Continues to Frustrate Me

I’m a huge Hyatt fan, and I want to make sure that’s stressed before I start talking about their website.  Because being a great hotel company that gives great experience is better than having a good website, in my opinion.


But I’ve continually run into things about their website that frustrates me.

Some things that have happened in the past:

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Today I was trying to book two cash & points rooms.  The website let me add both to my reservation, and I tried to officially book it.

My credit card recently expired, so it kept trying to book the reservation under the old credit card, even though both are on the account.  The website doesn’t let you know which credit card is “newer,” so you are unable to just click whichever is the most up-to-date credit card.

The other thing the website was doing was erasing my address every time there was an error with my reservation.  So if my credit card was wrong and I adjusted it, I’d get an error that my address was missing (which in turn, would default my credit card back to the old, expired one).

When I finally got all these ducks in a row, the system let me know I cannot book two points and cash reservations at once, and left me back at square one with this booking.

There were a few things that could have made this booking easier:

  • If you can only book one points and cash at a time, not letting someone get almost to the end of the booking process with two of those reservations
  • Not constantly zero-ing out the address field every time there was something wrong
  • Either deleting old credit cards or letting you see the expiration date of credit cards

The good news is that within minutes of tweeting my frustrations, Hyatt responded over Twitter and offered to look into things.  It’s a reminder of what I love about Hyatt’s customer service.  That, however, does not change the fact that the IT of Hyatt is what I’ve continually disliked over time.

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  1. I can appreciate your frustration. I sending the details of the specific issues, and your feedback to the IT department. ^LM

  2. Agree on all points. All three of those things happen to me constantly. Not just with cash+points. Why do I need to fill in my address anyway?! (Of course I have it auto fill) Like you said, won’t stop me from staying there every week.

  3. I discovered that you can’t look up availability for tonight in NYC if you are in Asia; today – 1 is blocked by their javascript.

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