A Hotel Suite So Big, I Discovered Another Room on the Last Day

Once, I stayed in a hotel suite so big, I found a new room on the last day of my stay.

I was on a work trip in Las Vegas, and we got a suite at the Encore Tower Suites to use for hospitality and entertaining.  (The Encore is attached to the Wynn Casino.)  So this isn’t a suite I got as an upgrade, but rather one we paid for.

And it was gorgeous.

The Encore Tower Suites

The suites promo photo:

encore tower suites at encore hotel

My picture:

encore tower suites at encore hotel

So it even exceeded expectations.

I didn’t get a shot in every room of this suite, but it was almost three times the size of my house at 3,500 square feet.

It had three bathrooms.  One of them had four rooms within the bathroom.  One had three rooms.  The third was a standard bathroom.

encore tower suites at encore hotel

encore tower suites at encore hotel

It had two generously sized bedrooms with amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip.

encore tower suites at encore hotel

encore tower suites at encore hotel tower king

And came with a bar AND a kitchen.  (There was a fridge, but if I remember correctly, it was built into the cabinets).  One of those cabinets at the bar was a decently sized ice maker, which the bartender in me loved.

encore tower suites at encore hotel

encore tower suites at encore hotel

To show how big the suite was, here’s a shot from the foyer (sorry for the blurriness.  I don’t know why I used my iPad).

encore tower suites encore hotel

This is one direction (not the band).  There’s a whole ‘nother side to it.

At the end of our time in Vegas, we were making sure we had all of our supplies and didn’t leave anything anywhere.

So I opened a closet.

encore tower suites encore hotel

Whoa, that’s not a closet.  It was a massage room the whole time.  (Well, I can only assume it was a massage room the whole time, since I didn’t check earlier).

Which goes to show I should have looked at the floor plan.

encore tower suites two bedroom floor plan

Have you ever suddenly realized your hotel suite was a bit larger than you realized, a little too late?




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  1. Cost please?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I don’t remember exactly, but less than you’d think. They don’t publish rates, and I think were were able to negotiate a decent price relatively (I mean around ~$1,000 or so), because it was a last-second weekday booking.

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