Travel Alert for DCA Flights: Portions of Airport Bound Metro Shut Down Through July 11th

American Airlines just sent out a notice about the different station closures.  Due to major safety problems with the DC metro, portions of the system have been shut down while critical repairs happen.

national airport metro station

The National Airport Station to Braddock Road is one of the track pieces currently up.  While the trains themselves are shut down, shuttle busses are running to replace those segments.

The good news for most tourists is that the section going into DC from the airport is still running properly.  This is bad news, though, for ones staying in the popular Old Town Alexandria area.

The Metro’s handling of shuttle buses tends to be chaotic and adds much more time to the commute than they list as estimates.

These repairs are a hassle, but as a resident, they are welcome.  Our system is broken and dangerous.  And there’s even a website dedicated to whether or not the metro is currently on fire (and it’s more often than you’d think).

And there’s also stories like these…

But in this case, the new GM actually took action.  So hopefully between these repairs and a change in attitude towards safety, things are on their way up.

wmata dc metro station

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  1. actually will go through the 18th with another section for surge #4 – Pentagon City to DCA: #SafeTrack

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