$50 Spa Treatments with October Spa Week

Spa Week is coming up in two weeks, and it is a great opportunity to try out a spa on your travels or even test a new place at home. Spa Week is October 14-20th.  Each spa usually offers three different treatments for $50 each. I use Spa Week to …

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What’s in my Birchbox–Man Edition!

Birchbox for Men Reviews Keri and I have often mentioned our Birchboxes–-a monthly mailing of sample sized products and treats.  I use my Birchbox items while I travel and have found it really useful for keeping myself stocked with random items.  While talking about our Birchboxes, a lot of questions …

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What is Spa Week?

Who doesn’t love a spa day?  I certainly do.  When I first heard about Spa Week, I was intrigued.  A spa week had to be better than a spa day, right?  (And who wouldn’t love a spa month?!) But alas, it is not the opportunity to spa for a whole …

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Review: The Las Vegas Four Seasons Part 2

Yesterday I talked about checking into the Las Vegas Four Seasons and the room service breakfast we got for free through our Preferred Partner Rate.  Last we left off, we ran off down to Freemont Street for a little while to go to the Neon museum. When we got back, …

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The Neon Museum, Where Neon Goes to Live On

Yesterday, I showed off the fabulous high heel sign greeting me at the Neon Museum. The Neon Museum is a time capsule of Vegas, in a way. They store and show off discarded neon from Vegas, creating a glamourously rusted and faded timeline. When you enter the grounds, you are …

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A Warm Welcome in Vegas for Heels First

I’m traveling in Vegas right now and what greeted me?  A giant high heeled shoe. This shoe is part of the neon museum in Las Vegas, a non-profit dedicated to preserving old neon signs from the strip. I just appreciated that the easiest way to find it is via the …

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