What I Received in This Month’s Birchbox

When I wrote about Birchbox, I talked about the beauty items I discovered through Birchbox that became favorites.  I didn’t really talk about what comes in a typical Birchbox, and realized this could set up an expectation of receiving a whole box of “favorites” every time.  Birchbox IS my favorite source of luxury travel sized items, but I don’t always like everything enough to buy after I try.

So that you have a good idea of what may be in a Birchbox order from month to month, here is my last Birchbox:

a box with a picture of different colors

It was sponsored by Glamour.  Once in a while they are sponsored, and that either means they are much better than normal or ehhh boxes.  The sponsored boxes never seen to be average.

a booklet with text and images

The note lets me know that this box is going to address all the different senses.  To be honest, Birchboxes tend to hit all of them except for “Hear It” on a monthly basis.  There’s usually a snack in the Birchbox along with a perfume (my least favorite part of the Birchbox).

a box with a green bag and a black ribbon

The entire contents of the Birchbox.  I have to admit, I love it that they wrap different parts in tissue paper.  It feels like I’m unwrapping a gift.

a white tube of gel in a white box

The first item is a shimmer lotion that you can apply by itself or within foundation or face cream.  It is larger than a normal trial-size, but is only about .01 ounce.  It would last for multiple applications.  And leaves a very subtle, cute shimmer.

a close up of a tube of mascara

A full sized mascara that came with an instruction booklet.  And it is the first mascara I’ve actually needed an instruction booklet for!  This mascara fully coats your eyelashes with “tubes” instead of painting them.  Weird.  I’m still not sure whether or not I like this product.  My eyelashes look thicker, for sure, but I don’t know if I want them to look that way!

a bag of blue and pink earbuds

Ear buds!  I’m really excited about this one because I destroy ear buds left and right.  I even purchased a protector for them while traveling, but that won’t stop me from catching the cord in the tray table, or flinging the ear protector part across the airport by accident.

a green oval object on a piece of paper

These breath mints are delicious.  They are a “lime mojito” flavor, which translates into a cool, citrus mint.  The branding gets a little confusing though.  They are called minteas, but come in cocktail flavors.

a green card with a pen and a bottle

A perfume sample, which I usually get rid of, and a mini-lip gloss (by jouer).  I love getting these mini-lip glosses because I can throw them into different purses, makeup bags, and quart-sized zip bags and always have a lip gloss available in a pinch.  I would say lip glosses come in the boxes pretty often.

So, there you have it.  This month’s Birchbox.  My least favorite item is the perfume–by far.  And my favorite is the lip gloss.  I just love the color!  All these, except the perfume, will be used as travel items.  Still trying to see how I feel about the mascara over my regular one, but it is definitely skinnier than my usual mascara and will replace my old one in my freedom baggie.

If you would like to sign up for Birchbox and use my link, I will get a slight credit on the site, but feel free to sign up without my link.  I will not be offended!


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  1. This is the coolest thing I have seen in quite some time- it’s like a magazine subscription, but better. Thanks for sharing!

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