Review: The Las Vegas Four Seasons Part 2

Yesterday I talked about checking into the Las Vegas Four Seasons and the room service breakfast we got for free through our Preferred Partner Rate.  Last we left off, we ran off down to Freemont Street for a little while to go to the Neon museum.

When we got back, we reapplied our sun block in the “SPF Tub” and decided to check out the pool.  Believe it or not, it was raining on an off while we were there, so we were happy that every time we went to the pool, it was mysteriously sunny.

The staff kept removing the covers off the chairs to keep them dry, so any shots I got with my camera are of cover-less chairs.  (I wasn’t willing to leave my camera outside in case of rain again).

a pool with chairs and a building

The pool was really empty the whole time, which we would have attributed to rain if we couldn’t see the Mandalay Bay Pools, which were over-abundant with people.  At the Four Seasons, you have access to the Mandalay Bay Pools, and while we originally intended to try them out, decided to stick to the less crowded.

a white tent with a white roof

They escort you from this area carrying plenty of towels and pitchers of water and set up an area for you. They also have sunblock and flavored waters at the stand.  There were also bins of towels near all the exits from the pool so you could dry off immediately.

a group of chairs and tables outside

There was a bar area, but wait staff came around pretty frequently.  They also would deliver treats from the bar ~ every 30 minutes.  This was great!   I found myself getting excited every time they’d bring something around.  My favorites were frozen chocolate covered bananas and frozen snickers bars.  They really hit the spot on the hot day.  They also brought around mini-smoothies, which inspired me to get a smoothie the next day.

a pool with chairs and a lifeguard stand

There were a variety of seats in the shade or sun and they asked us our preference every time we went.  The cocktails were delicious but pricey.  But definitely on-par for a high quality drink in Vegas.  And I’m willing to pay a little more to be served a drink while tanning at the pool–or you know, while on the beach in Jamaica.

a close-up of a hot tub

There were a few hot tubs, tucked away for privacy.

I have to say–this pool was my favorite part of this Vegas trip.  We were laying out, relaxing, getting nice tans, and drinking great cocktails.  It was so relaxing, and the staff at the Four Seasons helped make it this relaxing.

When there were kids at the pool, they were very well behaved kids.  Phew!

The next morning, we tried out the Verandah Restaurant for breakfast.  We had managed to stay out MUCH later the night before.

a cup of coffee on a saucer

Thankfully, they kept the coffee coming.

a bowl of food with a spoon

We got a fruit muesli as a breakfast “appetizer” and it was nice and creamy.  It went with the coffee very well.

a plate of food with eggs and potatoes

My sister got a vegetable hash with two poached eggs on top.  These poached eggs were better than the room service ones the morning before.

a plate with pancakes and strawberry and jam

And I was a little too excited about my ricotta orange pancakes.  I devoured these and I really, really would like them again.  They were excellent.

After breakfast, we headed to the spa.  All people staying at the Four Seasons have access to the spa, whether or not they have spa treatments.  It has showers, lockers, a steam room, and a relaxation area.  It doesn’t have soaking tubs or any other “experiences”, but I wouldn’t expect one open to the general guests to have that much.

They provide you with a locker and tons of amenities in there.  There was basically every type of soap/lotion/hair product you would need to get ready, along with razors/toothbrushes/hair brushes to get ready with.  This came in really handy later.

a couch in a room

The dimly lit relaxation area of the women’s side.

a group of condiments on a table

There was a nice selection of teas and cucumber water.

a white robe in a closet

The lockers they provide.  Even though there was one towel in the locker, there were still baskets of towels everywhere.  The showers were each filled with towels, and they turned over all the towels each time someone used the shower.  Their towels were fluffy, and the bathrobe was warm, soft, and way oversized.

a person wearing a white robe

Maybe slightly too oversized :)  I was a bit too petite for that bathrobe, and I kept losing my hands every time I went to drink my tea!  That’s a hollow complaint, though, because the robes were uber comfy.

We checked out that morning and the front desk asked us when our flight was.  When we told them it was a night flight, they offered to give us a locker in the spa to use until 9pm, reminded us we had access to the facilities through then too, and told us to feel free to shower and freshen up before our late night flight.  This was great because the lockers in the spa gave us a place to keep things we didn’t necessarily want to keep carting around all day long, but didn’t want to check immediately either.  We were planning on going to the pool, so that was a definite immediate use of the space.  It also allowed us more variety in what we did during our last day.

Ultimately, we ended up on the roof of the Mandalay Bay.  No, not Hangover style.

a couple of women smiling at the camera

The Foundation Room is a cute little lounge on the roof of the Mandalay Bay, with an amazing view.  It’s supposedly a private, members only club, but we were asked if we wanted to go up by a few promoters, who also gave us a free drink each.  (I think this trick/tip, unfortunately, only works for women).


a city at night with lights

Let me take this time to thank my normally clumsy self for not dropping my camera off the roof of the Mandalay Bay.

We felt comfortable hanging out here because we were immediately above where we needed to grab our baggage from.  And if you look closely in the picture above, you can see that the airport is actually pretty close to the Four Seasons.  If it were legal to run (while screaming too) across the active runway, we could have made it to our terminal on foot.  We easily cabbed over and begrudgingly returned back to the East Coast.

By far, the Four Seasons outranks all the other hotels on the strip.  There were no crowds to fight through and the service at the pool was impeccable.  The size of the hotel is also much smaller than other hotels.  If you need something at the Bellagio and the Venetian/Palazzo, you are potentially competing with hundreds of other people.  We had immediate service at the Four Seasons, whether we needed something in the room, were at the pool, or even–were no longer guests.

I would be lying if I claimed I haven’t already been pricing out the Four Seasons into the future.  I’m finding rates at and below what I found for weekday rates.  If you are looking for a luxurious stay while in Vegas, I highly recommend booking it.

Just remember to book through a partner for some extra perks.


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