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When Little Gestures are Really Big Gestures

Sitting here, trapped in a hotel during the winter storm that hit the east coast, has given me a lot of time to think.  For some reason, I started thinking about the time I went up to New York about two weeks after Hurricane Sandy. The great thing about the …

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Let’s Talk about Toilets for a Minute

Yesterday, Pizza in Motion tweeted a photo of a toilet seat that came equipped with sensors. No, I’m really not sure what the sensors are for. Fill in the blanks! https://t.co/eJhV8kcL0R pic.twitter.com/MjYCYu9jlE — Edward Pizzarello (@pizzainmotion) January 7, 2016 While I’m also not sure what the sensors are for, it brought to …

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Please Don’t Kill Me This Time, Billy Joel

The latest trip I’m gearing up for is a trip I’ve been looking forward to.  I’m heading up to New York for the Billy Joel concert. There’s two things I’m really interested in seeing this trip. One:  I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt NYC again, so I’m really interested in …

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What Was Actually Wrong with the Bathroom

So yesterday I posted this picture and asked everyone for their guesses as to what’s wrong with the bathroom. For context, this picture was taken at the Grand Hyatt in NYC. And here are the guesses: (the answer will be revealed after them) Ron Korte Submitted on 2015/11/05 at 8:09 …

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Uber Continues to Make Me Feel Safe

I was stuck in traffic today.  The person behind me was looking at their phone and nearly ran into the back of my car.  He slammed on the breaks and screeched to a halt pretty suddenly. (I could see him coming in my rear view mirror and was hoping he …

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