When Little Gestures are Really Big Gestures

Sitting here, trapped in a hotel during the winter storm that hit the east coast, has given me a lot of time to think.  For some reason, I started thinking about the time I went up to New York about two weeks after Hurricane Sandy.

The great thing about the “travel game” is how easy it makes popping somewhere for a drink or dinner.  So sometimes I like to head to New York to meet someone from my family for a drink.

Before Sandy hit, I had planned on heading to New York to get dinner with my sister.

Us in Vegas
Us in Vegas

By the time my trip had come around, power was back on in the neighborhoods my family live in, so we made the decision to keep the trip.

My sister picked me up and I pretty much talked her ear off on the way to the restaurant, which was a few cities over.  We had a really nice fondue dinner and a great time.  I was really glad I visited.

But on the way back, I was paying more attention to the surroundings.  I started noticing the lines at the gas stations.  They wrapped around the streets.  I asked my sister about that, and she said that everyone had to wait a really long time to get gas for their cars ever since the hurricane.

Then I realized how big of a gesture it was that she picked me up in her car and drove a few cities over, just to keep the plans we had made.  And that was really, really touching to me.  Something that would not mean too much in a usual situation suddenly meant the world.

Anyway, consider this a trapped-in-hotel-thought.

Thanks, Karen!

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