What’s Wrong With This Bathroom?

What’s wrong with this bathroom?  Post your guesses in the comments.

All will be revealed tomorrow, including context!

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  1. It looks like you’d need some serious agility to get to the tp.

  2. It looks like many things, but the first that comes to mind is, how do you flush the toilet?

  3. The obvious problem would be how close the toilet is to the sink. So I guess you have to sit a little sideways. I guess then the problem becomes you have to make an acrobatic move to grab some TP. Stretching and exercise are important when traveling.

  4. It’s got one of those doofy seats with the opening…

  5. Looks like there might be a seating issue for many folks, but I also have my eye on the triangle in the lower right corner. Hope it is not a wall or a door,

  6. Flush missing ?

  7. 1 – There’s no liner in the wastebasket (one of my huge pet peeves)
    2 – The toilet paper is over, my preference is UNDER
    3 – Anyone with an ample bottom will have difficulty sitting on that toilet, evidenced by the slightly skewed toilet seat
    4 – If that is indeed a counter or a door in the right hand corner, how the heck to you enter this bathroom?
    5 – How do you flush that toilet? I do not see a lever or an automatic sensor
    6 – More on the TP – it would require a double-jointed elbow to reach the TP or some pre-planning.

    • More on #6 – it looks like there is a perfectly good toilet paper-sized opening on the side of the vanity that the TP dispenser should have been mounted to, making it much more convenient (though still not terrific b/c you’d have to reach across your own body that you’ve somehow managed to wedge into that space).

  8. The panel above the toilet probably has the button(s) for the flush. That’s where it is on some Toto tank-in-the wall toilets.

  9. The location of the commode suggests to me that, even given my gender, there are many problems undertaking the functions one performs on/into a toilet.

  10. Depends. If the foggy glass on the left is next to the shower it’s fine. But if it’s right next to the bedroom then that’s the problem.

  11. I think FreeTravelGuys is on the right track. I think on the left that’s a glass wall between the bathroom and the bedroom.

  12. I am not a big guy but that offers less shoulder room than 9 across on a 787

  13. I hope that is your trash in the trash can…. or else the bathroom has not been cleaned.

    And I agree with everyone else about the tight quarters, as it were. Obviously someone has banged themselves getting up… the edge of the vanity/towel/toilet paper place is marred. And if that triangle is the wall…. you must have to be a tiny tiny person to be able to use this room!

  14. Too close to the counter.
    Seat is not on straight, which is typical.
    Cant reach the tp.
    No liner in trash can.
    Toilet appears to be too low to be comfortable, but that could just be the photo angle.
    There is no bidet next to it.

  15. The toilet is too close to the vanity!

  16. toilet paper location is very strange

  17. I’m going to guess that the door to the bathroom was not able to be closed without having to step into the shower or atop the toilet – the Sheraton La Jolla replaced the pocket doors with swinging doors that went inward, would be difficult if you had a roommate.

  18. Even for a smaller person, rather tight fit sitting on the toilette.

  19. Pretty much everything.

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