DEAL: My Grandmother Sending $50 Checks for Birthdays (Targeted)

Everyone check your mailboxes!  About a few days before my birthday, I received a $50 check from my grandmother.  I did not have to fill out any offers or sign-up on her website.  It just appeared in my mailbox one day.

Talk about the-easiest-offer-ever.

Just a warning though–this offer appears to be targeted.

While my brother received this offer a few months ago, I found out not everyone else has received it.  I checked in with a few of my fellow bloggers, and none of them had received the offer.

My mother, while not heavy into the deal-a-sphere, also received $50 from my grandmother, but remarked it was quite a few months ago (and reminded me that I should really know her birthday).

My father has equal spending habits to my mother, but has not received this deal.  He remarked that she “never really liked him,” and that “she shouldn’t really be sending out $50 checks anyway,” though I do not know much much this affected his ability to redeem this offer.

But anyway–this was such a great and easy redemption, that I recommend everyone check their mailboxes as soon as possible to see if they were targeted as well.

Please Note:  in some cases, your birthday may vary from mine, so it may take a few months for the offer to show up.

birthday grandma

Disclaimer:  My father and my grandmother actually get along really well.  Sorry, Grandma.  It’s probably good you don’t actually use the internet. 

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  1. Amol (@PointsToPointB)

    Does Grandma provide a direct deposit option to help with bank account bonus requirements? Is she at least sending a Bluebird check?

  2. I lol’ed. Nice post 😉

  3. No HDMI kills the deal for me.

  4. Hmm. This deal seems to be dead, along with all my grandparents.

  5. Your grandmother isn’t worth a hard inquiry.

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