These Pills Will Make You Poop Glitter

a glittery background with lights

A conversation I was having about the latest thing Moxie has (literally) gotten into reminded me of this interesting product. For the low cost of $10, you too can have poop that sparkles. (Read also: How glitter can be mistaken for bomb residue at airport security). Although the product insists …

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The Greatest Olympics Coverage in History

a shuttlecock on a court

NBC is being criticized for its shaky coverage of the Olympics this year, so I wanted to highlight a time where the coverage was so spot on, it’s a model for all Olympics moving forward. The Olympics in question was the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics.  And the specific moment I’m referring …

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Chardonnay Go: The new hot app that really speaks to my heart

a group of wine glasses

Pokemon Go has been a huge sensation.  There are over 12,000 people showing up for a Pokemon Go bar crawl tonight. Pokemon Go is a cool game that is bringing people together outside bars, libraries and gyms*.  (*both real gyms and poke-gyms). But there’s an important element missing for me. …

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12,000 People Showing Up to Brooklyn for Pokemon Bar Crawl

a man with a cigarette in his mouth

We’re going to need a bigger boat bar. Someone organized a bar crawl in an area of Brooklyn rife with Pokemon and ended up with an RSVP list of over 12,000 people. I’m not sure their starting location, Barcade in Williamsburgh, is ready for this. Pokemon Go  has been an interesting social and …

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Denmark and Sweden Are Trolling Each Other on Twitter

a boy and girl sticking their tongues out

Seriously, this is happening right now. Back when I was in school, I went to a conference for students from all over the world.  I started hanging out with a group of people that included someone from Denmark, someone from Norway, and someone from Sweden.  And wow the jokes were …

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Upgrade Your Beer Pong Game with a Roomba

a man taking a selfie with a table with cups on it

Ever wonder how to make beer pong even better?  Well, stop wondering and get a Roomba. We already brought you the champagne-bong, the wine rack, and the flamingo beer bong.  Why stop there? This is proof that human genuinity can accomplish anything. So you may play beer pong, but the rules never change. …

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