Lithuanian Mayor Drives Tank over Illegally Parked Mercedes-Benz

Yesterday, I wrote about a woman who accidentally parallel parked her Mercedes-Benz on top of a Ferrari 458 Speciale.  The key word in that sentence is *accidentally*.

In response, someone sent me a video of a similar thing happening… except instead of the Mercedes-Benz being the one on top, it was the car crushed underneath.  By a tank.  Oh, and on purpose.

This happened back in 2011.

From a Telegraph article on the subject:

Arturas Zuokas became infuriated with motorists parking their luxury cars illegally around the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. So the 43-year-old politician drove over this Merc in a Russian tank to set an example.

tank youtube

My guess/hope is that this was an intentional show and not some random person’s car, though I haven’t found any articles that say either way.  But I’d love to have the budget to be able to drive over a luxury car with a tank.

(Actually, I’d rather just drive the car).

Here’s a video of what happened:

Notice, there was a Ferrari there at some point, so it could have had the same fate!

The key to it being a set-up:  the driver accepts his poor parking job as a reasonable reason to drive a tank over his car.


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  1. I was going to tell you about the Great Falls incident but you got a handle on it. Awesome stuff.

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