Man Attempts to Run After Flight He Missed… on the Tarmac

If you miss your flight, you have a few options.  You can rebook it.  Some airlines will let you move to the next flight (in certain situations).  You can choose to forgo the trip.

Running across the tarmac after your flight is not one of these options.


However, a man apparently thought this was a good idea.

From the New York Post article:

It’s a terrible feeling. You might cry, you might run up to the windows and bang them with your hands, you might shout — hey, you might even have all of these reactions simultaneously.

But one guy at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport near Madrid, Spain, who missed a Ryanair flight to an unidentified destination decided to take matters into his own hands by catching it — literally.

The video is below.

You can see the man sitting for a moment, perhaps weighing his options.  Then he drops.

When I first saw the video, the drop itself scared me.  It looks pretty high up.

Then he stops a driver to talk to him.  This driver didn’t make any attempt to get this man off the runway, which is strange.

The man starts running towards one of the Ryanair planes before being intercepted.

Which leads me to ask–how did this man get on the jet bridge?  How did he get past the agent?  ‘

In addition to being a potential security risk (though I don’t think he actually was), he could have been seriously injured if he got close enough to a running engine.

Part of me feels bad for the guy.  I have no idea what he’s going through, but something had to have made him desperate to catch that flight.

But perhaps it’s just a fear of Ryanair having an unforgiving missed-flight policy.  (They will actually rebook you).

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