Trying to Decide Between Basic Economy and First Class…

A screenshot from a booking I was trying to make (if it isn’t there yet, it’s loading):

If it’s more expensive, that means it’s better… right?

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  1. At that bargain price, buy two of them?

  2. I thought it was a joke headlines until I saw the picture! very funny!!!

  3. UA’s B/E were supposedly implemented such as B/E is always less than Main Cabin, but could have a tiny tiny chance of higher than first class if econ is down to full Y but F is as such as P-bucket.

    I also think that’s how Delta implements their domestic flight awards – set the main cabin price, then comfort+ and first and both a differential on top on that.

    The shot above, though, is stupidity beyond gasp.

  4. Funny but think of the marketing angle. We’ll show you the crappy seat price as $600 so that the First Class at $400 seems like a great deal. Just sayin šŸ™‚

  5. I was looking at business class to France yesterday and actually had no clue how affordable it was. But still – what an amazing deal! Did you buy?

  6. B/E fail.

    No seriously, I want B/E to fail, although I fear they’re here to stay. Since B/E was implemented, the first question my husband asks re ANY booking is: “are you sure it’s not B/E?” I’m always afraid I’ll accidentally book it and end up in the chump seats.

  7. I regularly fly with a European airline where PE is usually much cheaper than Economy, sometimes less than half price. Go figure!

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