Denmark and Sweden Are Trolling Each Other on Twitter

Seriously, this is happening right now.

tongues sticking out fighting

Back when I was in school, I went to a conference for students from all over the world.  I started hanging out with a group of people that included someone from Denmark, someone from Norway, and someone from Sweden.  And wow the jokes were flying back and forth between them.

Sure, it *looks* peaceful.
Sure, it *looks* peaceful.

It was all good-natured, but there is a clear history among those countries.

And it goes beyond the person-to-person basis.

Denmark and Sweden spent a good portion of yesterday trolling each other on twitter.


The back and forth goes on and on. Just click through to their Twitter feeds to see more.



These are their official tourism bureau Twitter feeds, which makes it more hysterical.  I found this on Twitter about 2am my time, and couldn’t put the phone down.

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  1. Ever seen the original Danish/Swedish production of “The Bridge” TV series? It’s an entire TV show devoted to Danes and Swedes mischaracterizing each other.

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