Win a Trip to Watch a Show About Taking a Trip (meta!)

This is the first time I’ve seen a trip giveaway on Amazon.

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From what I can tell, The Grand Tour is a TV show being filmed by Amazon where three gentlemen drive around the world, checking out the sites–in awesome cars.


What’s missing is information about where the trip would be TO, other than being somewhere in the United States.  The T&Cs say that information would be revealed later on.

The show is currently being filmed and it looks like this trip is to some sort of season finale.

One of the star’s Twitter feeds show off where they have been traveling:

Anyway, it’s a contest to who-knows-where-USA, but hey, it’s a free trip.  Just make sure you check off that you don’t want any reminders about the TV show (unless, of course you do) to avoid being put on their mailing lists.  Otherwise, entering is really easy–you just click a button.

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