Upgrade Your Beer Pong Game with a Roomba

Ever wonder how to make beer pong even better?  Well, stop wondering and get a Roomba.

We already brought you the champagne-bong, the wine rack, and the flamingo beer bong.  Why stop there?

This is proof that human genuinity can accomplish anything.

So you may play beer pong, but the rules never change.  Every saturday night, it’s the same back and forth (literally) on your buddy’s ping pong table in his backyard.

beer pong

Once you hit your thirties, you could use some change.  You could use some innovation.  You could use needlessly including expensive products in your drinking games.

This is where the Roomba comes in.

The Roomba has a great feature.  It has built in sensors that will prevent it from falling down your staircase or off a cliff.

So one thing that makes beer pong pretty boring is that the cups just stay there.  This makes it purely a game of skill, rather than a game of chance.  Pfft.

But if you attach the cups to a Roomba, suddenly the game gets a bit more interesting.  The cups run around the table, and thanks to that built in sensor, your Roomba will never run off the table.

Check it out in action.

I can’t say I would have ever come up with this myself.  But now that I see it, it’s just obvious.  Of course Roombas are the perfect drinking tool.  We just never saw it yet.

beer pong roomba

Game on.

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