12,000 People Showing Up to Brooklyn for Pokemon Bar Crawl

We’re going to need a bigger boat bar.

bigger boat

Someone organized a bar crawl in an area of Brooklyn rife with Pokemon and ended up with an RSVP list of over 12,000 people.

I’m not sure their starting location, Barcade in Williamsburgh, is ready for this.

Pokemon Go  has been an interesting social and yet antisocial game.  I keep seeing people gathered outside bars and libraries, staring at their phones.

(For those who don’t know what Pokemon Go is, here is a primer on it).

I was walking with some friends catching Pokemon outside of a library yesterday (which was strangely next to the bar we were going to).  A shy-seeming guy walked up to us and gave us tips about where to find some items nearby.  It created a commonality that (I think) made it easier for him to talk to us.

Pokemon Go has gotten some bad press from people walking into things and getting robbed at Pokemon locations, but it has also caused some good.

People are getting more exercise because of the app.  In their quest for more Pokemon, they are walking more than they have before.

People are doing things like walking their dog more often too.  As a side note, you can use your steps to help rescue dogs financially.

The app is also educating people about landmarks around them.

What do you think of the whole Pokemon Go craze?

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  1. This feels like the ALS water challenge.

    A mid summer fad while kids and adults have free time on their hands.

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