Get 8-Weeks of Unlimited Uber Rides in NYC For $159

Uber, in a possible effort to get an edge on Lyft, is offering unlimited UberPool ride plans this summer through  You can purchase different lengths of time.  The cheapest is a two-week package at $49.  The  most expensive is 8-weeks at $159.

Uber app pick up

If you book an UberPool, you receive a discounted rate, but the car may also make a second pickup.  It does not always happen, and it is limited to a second pickup.  The number of people per pickup is limited to two people each.

There are two catches.  First, all rides must be below 125th street.  Second, you can only use the package during (generously determined) commuting hours.

From the Gilt website:

Eight weeks of unlimited uberPOOL commuting trips in Manhattan:
– Trips must begin and end in Manhattan below 125th Street
– Valid Monday–Friday from 7–10 AM and 5–8 PM

Valid for new and existing Uber riders

If you don’t want to get an unlimited package, you can get two free UberPool rides here (existing customer allowed).  You can also purchase UberPool rides one at a time for $5 right now as well.

I haven’t used UberPool in NYC yet, but it has been really useful at the DCA airport when things are really busy.  It’s easier to get a Pool than an UberX since there are two pick-ups per car.  Your ride might take a little longer, but it is still faster than taking an airport shuttle.

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