Markets in Everything: Getting Leaves Shipped from New England

Can’t fit traveling to New England to see the fall foliage into your travel calendar? No worries–for $19.99, will send autumn to you.  Well, some leaves at least. According to It’s gimmicky, of course, but maybe not quite as much as you’d think. According to the website, the …

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Airplane! Movie Quote Along with Props in the DC Area

Just a note that the Virginia branch of the Alamo Draft House will be doing three separate Airline! nights, complete with props.  Quoting along is highly encouraged. From the website: “You ever seen a grown man naked?” The Action Pack is proud to present an entirely different kind of screening: …

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The Classy Way to Wear Your Sharknado

Well, I finally figured out how to go as a Sharknado for Halloween. Sharknado, meet… Sharkini.   Take a Baywatch-style jog on the beach to give the “flying through the air in a tornado effect” to your bathingsuit. With teeth that say “great white” but a sheen that says “hammer …

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This In-Flight Safety Video has ALL the Internets

I’ve been a huge fan of Delta’s safety videos but they’ve really outdone themselves this time.  Because it has ALL the internets (not just one). The references tend to be older rather than newer memes. From the history books we see Charlie Bit Me, Dancing Baby, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, …

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An Airplane! / Zero Hour! Mashup That’s Amazing

I wrote before that the script of Airplane! was basically lifted directly from the movie, Zero Hour! My post today referencing Airport (another influence of Airplane!) inevitably lead me down a YouTube trail of clips and doom.  Well, minus the doom. And I came across this awesome video mashup of …

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Ryanair’s New Model: Bring Your Own Toilet Paper?

Ryanair passengers encountered a crappy situation when they realized something important was missing off their Murcia-London–toilet paper. According to MyFoxNY: The flight took off before cabin crew admitted to the passengers that the handling agents had failed restock the bathrooms. The warning provoked a mild panic throughout the airborne plane. …

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Yoda Appears in a Medieval Manuscript… Seriously.

When I was in college, I traveled out to Salisbury to see the Magna Carta in person (well, one of the surviving four).  I think I just found another work worth pilgrimage-ing out for. Yoda makes an appearance in the Smithfield Decretals.  The resemblance is striking. According to the Telegraph: British Library …

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