The Classy Way to Wear Your Sharknado

Well, I finally figured out how to go as a Sharknado for Halloween.

Sharknado, meet…


Finsup sharkini


Take a Baywatch-style jog on the beach to give the “flying through the air in a tornado effect” to your bathingsuit.

With teeth that say “great white” but a sheen that says “hammer head,” this bathing suit is sure to please every selachimorpha enthusiast.

I loved Sharknado already but they won me over further with their Sharknado-spiced Airplane! parody.  Love it!

But the biggest Shark vs. Airplane crime is in this movie:

I should have been more clear.  The crime isn’t the shark attack.  It’s the movie itself.

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  1. Never see that before, but I hate it when that happens!

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