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Airplane! Parody Within Sharknado 2

Some of you may know that I might have a slight obsession with the movie Sharknado.

airplane sharknado parody

Okay, maybe a little bit more than”slight”.

But I was nervous about Sharknado 2.  How could it ever live up to my expectations (or rather, live down to really low expectations?)  I was afraid it would try too hard and be too self-aware.

But then the movie knew the way to my heart.



Sharknado 2 made the entire beginning of the movie a mini parody of Airplane!  Since Airplane is a parody of Zero Hour!, this is like a meta parody.

I tried finding clips online, but all I could find was what happens post-parody when the sharks begin.  (Note to those who haven’t seen Airplane!–no, it doesn’t have sharks in it).

Although this isn’t part of the parody, you can check out Roberty Hays in this clip.

Note: There is graphic shark on human violence depicted in this clip and horribly rendered CGI blood.

Edit: This clip was removed but you can find an official (non-embed-able) clip here– https://youtu.be/mi0fEZbBN3Q

All in all, the movie surprised me.  While the first one was just awful, this one was chock full of subtle reference and awesome cameos.  Also, the ending was over-the-top-awful, which is just what I like.

So am I serious when I say the movie found its way to my heart?

i am serious and don't call me shirley



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