Don’t Talk About RFID Security Or Visa May Sue You

I was looking to see if there were any new videos of people setting their passports on fire, and came across this interview with Adam Savage from Mythbusters about what happened when they planned an episode about RFID security, and whether or not the concerns about it are “myths”. Since …

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“Do You Want to Target Men Interested in Panties?”

So, apparently I’m giving Facebook the wrong idea.  It’s taking my posts about TSA and is… well… assuming something completely different about the blog. I’ve been writing about the ridiculousness of TSA security–both on the passenger AND TSA side. So, yesterday, I wrote about how a woman tried to sneak …

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My Cousin is Hipster Ariel

AVByte has been doing a lot of Disney themed videos, and they just released an Ariel one.  Ariel is jealous that Beauty and Cinderella get their own live-action movies. But my cousin has been acting this part for a while.  Check out the original hipster Ariel: It’s organic!

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Watch Out for Jawas When Traveling

I went out to a bar with Keri of Heels First last night.  She snapped a photo of me and shared it on Facebook. Some of my friends were quick to point out that I have a photo bomber in my photo.   Where? Right here: Apparently, there was a …

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German Vs. Other Languages

This YouTube video has been making the rounds and it is a comparison of German to other languages. The video exaggerates the German a bit, which only makes it funnier. But in more seriousness, if you want to learn any of these languages, I really recommend DuoLingo. It’s really helped …

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You SHALL Pass: Most Epic Flight Safety Video Ever

This Air New Zealand safety video is literally of epic quality. Air New Zealand safety video It stars Peter Jackson and Elijah Woods and a couple of special cameos. Air New Zealand is the “official airline to Middle-earth” and has been doing Lord of the Ring/Hobbit themed campaigns from the beginning. In …

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