Don’t Talk About RFID Security Or Visa May Sue You

I was looking to see if there were any new videos of people setting their passports on fire, and came across this interview with Adam Savage from Mythbusters about what happened when they planned an episode about RFID security, and whether or not the concerns about it are “myths”.

Since this information is apparently top-secret, I’ll have more videos of people setting their passports on fire…. just in case… for the near future.

I could see taking this two ways.

First, it’s a bit scary that so many lawyers got involved right away.  It makes me wonder just how bad the security is on them.

Second, with that said, I could understand them not wanting someone to publicize that information for the safety of consumers using the products.

But my counter to my own point is that I’m pretty sure the people who would misuse that information already know what the security problems are.

What do you think?  Is this hiding the truth or a smart safety precaution?


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  1. Ideally, someone finding a security flaw would notify the provider and give them a few days/weeks to investigate and issue a fix for the problem. Beyond that, however, it’s irresponsible to let others walk around with an exploitable vulnerability – the flaw should be made public and people should be free to stop using the flawed product.

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