The Winners of Luggage, the JuicePack and the Giftcard!

The winners of these items are listed in the widget below.


I’ll be reaching out to each of you, and you’ll have one week to get back to me before I reassign the prize.

The Gogo Internet Passes giveaway results, since there’s some decision making, will be up shortly!

If the code is crapping out, here’s the list:

1. Angeline C.
2. Dan L.
3. Martin H.

About Jeanne Marie Hoffman

Former bartender, still a geek. One equal part each cookies, liberty, football, music, travel, libations. Stir vigorously. +Jeanne Marie Hoffman Jeanne on Twitter

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  1. Not seeing any widget…..

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Thanks! It looks like it’s not loading like every other time.

      Put them directly in the post, and here are the winners for you:

      1. Angeline C.
      2. Dan L.
      3. Martin H.

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