This In-Flight Safety Video has ALL the Internets

I’ve been a huge fan of Delta’s safety videos but they’ve really outdone themselves this time.  Because it has ALL the internets (not just one).

The references tend to be older rather than newer memes.

From the history books we see Charlie Bit Me, Dancing Baby, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and my favorite moment from the video–dramatic chipmunk.  (Edit:  The more I watch it, the more I’m cracking up at the inclusion of the double rainbow guy.  What does it meeeeean?)

Side note, dramatic chipmunk is actually a prairie dog.  Sorry for destroying your childhood.

Anyway, Delta is also famous for their nostalgic safety videos.  So I think the reason they use so many old memes rather than newer ones is to appeal to childhood memories of the 30-40 year old group.  (Sorry 50 year-olds+, your childhood memories probably didn’t include internet memes.  Or Zork.  Maybe some day we’ll have a text-based adventure safety video.  Okay, this is the longest digression ever.)

But for example, here’s one of my favorites. Their 80s themed safety video:

I’m trying to decided which safety video is my favorite.  This internets one, or the Air New Zealand newest Lord of the Rings video.

I did miss a few things from the video.  I think in-flight announcements could have been made by

Especially if he had to move away from the microphone to breathe in.

But all in all, I think it was a really well-executed video.  I laughed out loud at a few points.  And Delta’s videos are the only ones to make me truly laugh out loud (except for United’s, but I doubt Smisek is actually trying to be funny in them).

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