Chardonnay Go: The new hot app that really speaks to my heart

Pokemon Go has been a huge sensation.  There are over 12,000 people showing up for a Pokemon Go bar crawl tonight.

Pokemon Go is a cool game that is bringing people together outside bars, libraries and gyms*.  (*both real gyms and poke-gyms).

But there’s an important element missing for me.

wine glasses

While I can catch Pokemon Go while at bars, it isn’t really the same.

The drinking is just a positive externality.

I need an app that completely focuses on it.

What if I could hunt alcoholic beverages and get rewarded for it?

This New Jersey Mother has the right idea:

Chardonnay Go is a (fictional) app that leads mothers around the neighborhood, finding glasses of Chardonnay.

I found the video mildly amusing, but that quickly upgraded to “hysterical” when our heroine started ducking into people’s houses to get her glasses of wine.

Pokemon Go keeps sending players to random people’s houses.

If I’m going to be at a random person’s house, I’d rather grab a glass of wine than a pokemon.  Just saying.

Some people have complained about the heroine’s enthusiasm and the way she approaches the video.  But remember.  This is supposed to be a spoof of just how excited people get about Pokemon and just how far they’d go to collect them all.

And from what I’ve seen around the neighborhood, this is pretty accurate.

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