What It’s Like to Order Food in Sicily as an American

Going to Catania in Sicily was an experience.

More so than I thought it would be.

Partially because when I ordered food in the restaurants, I didn’t really get everything I ordered.  I got what the owner of the restaurant wanted me to try.

Fair enough.

Because of this, I had a delicious cornucopia of food.  Not necessarily the cornucopia of food I ordered.  But food none the less.

2014-11-11 16.06.01

So many delicious restaurants on this street!

After one particularly long and unexpected set of dishes, the waitress asked me if I would like to have dessert.  I quickly declined.  I told her I was completely stuffed.

She started listing off the options anyway, and when she got to “limon sorbetto” I quickly asked for it, figuring it would be a good post-dinner item.

A few minutes she walks back with a huge plate.

Imma bring you cake.

And slams it down in front of me.

I was telling my brother this and he quickly ran to YouTube to show me a video he thinks personifies this perfectly.

John Pinette on his visit to Italy.  Check it out:

We took Timmy with us… he was too skinny… he died halfway through… they kept trying to feed him!

And as uncomfortably stuffed as I was after that trip…. I really want to go back.

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  1. So so true, and one of the things I miss most about Sicily. This tugged at my heartstrings this morning!

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