Bow-Tie Wielding Duck Walks into a Bar; Gets into Brawl

As a bartender, sometimes you can tell by the way someone walks into your bar that they are going to start trouble.  A little too drunk and a little too hopped up on something.  And when that person runs into someone else in the same state, well, their worlds collide and not in a good way.


But when a duck walked into a bar, all he wanted was his usual pint.  At first.

a duck

Maybe it was the pint.  Maybe it was his mood.  But when he saw a dog in the corner, he couldn’t resist.

This article claims the dog started the brawl, but according to the facts, the duck stared the dog down and then stood on its back.  That’s really pushing your luck in a bar.

While the dog ultimately won the fight, the duck survived to drink another day.

And yes, the duck wears a bow tie.  And yes, the duck actually does come to a bar for a drink.

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  1. Hi Jeanne. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I thought I would mention that the word “wielding” means holding and using. Maybe you meant wearing?

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