How I Save My Poor Feet from Too Much Travel

Okay, okay, I know feet aren’t everyone’s favorite travel topic.  Especially with all the bare feet that suddenly appear on airplanes.

But while feet can be a sore subject, sometimes they are literally just plain sore from all that travel.

From all the running around the airport and from carrying heavier things than I usually do, my feet would develop really painful callouses that would take a few days of lazy R&R to recover from (but who has time for R&R?!)

One day, I walked into CVS and saw these flower shaped foot-scrubbies.  They didn’t look like they would do that much for my callouses, but at least looked like they would feel good on my feet during a bubble bath.


After a couple of days of using the scrubber (while still walking pretty heavily), my callouses came off!  I ran back to CVS for more, but alas, it seemed to be a one time thing only.  (And from reviews I read, my experience was not unique).

Luckily, started carrying them for a little over $5 each.  While they are add-on items, I do subscribe and save to get them delivered every other month for $5.09 each, shipped.

They moisturize and exfoliate your feet.  The best part is there is technically no liquid, so they are easy to carry on-board without worrying too much about your 3-1-1 compliant bag.  (That is–the quart bag you need to use for your liquids).

I keep one at home and switch it out every so often.  I also take a dry one traveling with me.  I bring it back in a baggie and air it out for a while.  If I have an immediate trip, I take a different dry one with me and add the wet one back to the rotation once it is dry.

The other benefit to these scrubbers is that I have been able to cut back on the number of pedicures I’ve gotten.  I was able to get some relief to my aching feet there, but for about $45 a visit.  Ouch.

Instead, I go once in a while as a treat and keep up my pedi care with these scrubbers and my own nail polish.

How do you deal with your aching feet when traveling?

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  1. I have some little pedicure kits that I bought from a rite Aid clearance bin for 25 cents. They have a little flower shaped emery board in them that I love when I do my pedicures. Best purchase I ever made everything I need to do a pedicure in a little zip lock bag just need my polish.

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