There’s a Subscription Box for Everything, Including Lingerie

I was scrolling through Instragram and looking at “unboxing” photos of subscription boxes, when I saw a new trend.  Subscription boxes for lingerie.

Maybe because it was so different.  Maybe it was the glass of wine.  Maybe it was the second glass of wine, or the third.  But I had to try the different companies just to see if these things are for real.

Adore Me Review

I subscribed to a few and the first one to arrive was the Adore Me subscription box.  I hadn’t seen any Adore Me reviews, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Adore Me’s model lets you be a little more selective than other subscription boxes.  Each month, you are given a showroom of your options and you can choose any set of options for $39.95.

With my referral link, your first month would be $24.95 though.

I didn’t take pictures as I went, so pretended I was signing up.  You are shown options and you choose which ones you like the most, and this is what creates your showroom.

adore me reviews review

The options I got with my fake account were very different from the options that I originally had, which makes me feel like the survey you take in the beginning about your style actually does something.

When I went through the showroom, I chose the set that the model I’ll never look like in my life looked the best in.  Totally legit choosing process.

adore me reviews review
definitely not me

After I selected my set, the Adore Me packaged shipped the next day.

The one thing that concerned me a little was that the price seemed sort of low for how nice the items looked in the photos.  I was expecting to be disappointed by cheapness.

I placed my order 20 minutes before midnight on the 13th and my selection was at my door on the 16th.

And I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the items from Adore Me.

adore me reviews review

They were wrapped neatly in tissue paper.  They were also covered in plastic for sanitary reasons, but I removed that so you could see the actual item.

The items were high quality and fit as expected.  And the price seemed like a bargain compared to Victoria’s Secret.

Each month your subscription renews, but you have the opportunity to opt-out if you do not like the selection they are offering in your showroom.  But a word of caution–you only have a few days to do that, so I would set up a Google Calendar (or whatever your schedule keeper of preference is) reminder to nudge yourself to look at your options, in case you want to skip a month.

If you get the items for 5 months, your 6th month is free.  I do not believe it needs to be in a row.

If you are interested in trying this one out, my referral link will give you $15 off your next set.  It will also give me $15 off my next set too.  If you prefer not to use a referral link, you can head on directly to

In the coming days, I’ll let you know how the other subscriptions work out.  The next one I’m due to receive is a completely blind box–I have no idea what will arrive.

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  1. Pretty sure those were some of the first subscriptions being sold. 😉

  2. Adore me does relabeling. You could get the same products for less than what they charge.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Really? Thanks for letting me know! Do you know where?

      • Yeah I just did a quick comparison, and yeah Adore me still relabels. I checked out a few places and I found Ginnie Jo intimates, sells bras, underwear, and lingerie for half the prices Adore me does. I just looked at the nursing bras and I found the exact same one on Ginnie Jo for $20.00 vs. $39.95 at Adore Me. What a joke!

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