One of us? Teen Books Flight through Berlin to Replace Two Hour Sheffield-London Trip

I was reading an article in Time today about an 18 year-old kid who decided to book a flight from Sheffield to London through Berlin once he realized the commute would be $12 cheaper.

The article’s approach was semi-incredulous–why would someone fly through Berlin to save $12?  His response was that he got to also see Berlin in the process.

Jordon Cox is an 18-year old coupon blogger.  He wrote, “even by my usual standards, I’ll admit this is a rather extreme way of saving money.”

I scrolled through his previous posts and they are all travel-free.  He’s mostly a couponing guy, though he talks about getting on game shows.  (!!! Hello, new best friend!)

But reading his post is making me feel sentimental.  I started out as a pretty extreme couponer.  My first major deal, which was before I could drive, was getting Starbucks Ice Cream Bars for about $0.12.

I sorta feel like I’m watching the birth (ohgodnotliterally) of the next die-hard frequent flying fan.  Once he realizes everything else he can get out of it.

Welcome to flying to Jamaica back and forth to avoid paying for a hotel.  Welcome to routing through cities, just so you can stop in a lounge (once you are of age, of course. Edit: He IS of age, duh Jeanne.), and welcome to flying to South America via Europe!

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  1. lovely blog! Thanks for sharing with me 🙂

  2. A couple of points:
    First, you can’t get anything out of flying Ryanair.
    Second, although he is of age (he’s 18), Ryanair does not operate any lounges or have a FF program.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      You are absolutely right. I just mean it’s the first stepping stone to a larger obsession.

      And also *facepalm* on my US-centric note about the drinking.

  3. No different than any of us jetting back and forth on a short haul twice on the day after Thanksgiving just to secure Gold status on an airline. He’s young and he’s got the time and clearly a creative thinker.

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