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I’ve written a little on exercising while traveling, from finding a gym while on the go, to connecting with a personal trainer for a one-off workout session.

I found a site that lets you find a workout class while on the go.  I’ve been into Bikram Yoga lately, so this is a great way to find a studio as I travel from place to place.



GoRecess lets you search for the classes in the area you will be, sign up for one, and lock in your space in the class.

This week, I will be in the San Francisco area.

So I searched for yoga near where I’ll be and it let me narrow to what style of yoga I wanted:



I can book the class through the website itself without having to sign up through the individual systems each studio has.

The only downside is that while there’s the ability to review gyms on the site, there are no reviews there currently.  It’s easy to switch to Yelp and check the reviews for the studio, so it isn’t a huge downside.  And it’ll hopefully get built out more as the site progresses.

There’s a variety of class types you can search for from cardio to dance to strength training.

You can add friends and invite them to attend classes with you, but that’s not a feature I’ve tried out.  I don’t tend to be around friends when traveling for work and I have the classes I enjoy attending here.

If you find a gym you like, you can flag it as a favorite for later in case you go back to that area.

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