US Airways Chairmen Receiving Executive Platinum Benefits On-Board’m just writing to confirm that American Airline’s on-board benefits to Executive Platinums apply to US Airways Chairmen.

I wasn’t 100% whether or not this was an official rule, but I’m currently on an American Airlines flight as a US Airways Chairman.

The benefit for non-upgraded Executive Platinums on American flights is:

“Enjoy a complimentary snack and standard alcoholic beverage when traveling in the main cabin.”

I started to ask the flight attendant if this was a benefit extended to Chairmen on US Airways, when she proactively reached out to me and said she saw that I am a Chairman on US Airways and offered me a complimentary beverage and food item on the house… er, plane.

I thoroughly enjoyed my screwdriver and turkey sandwich.  I have the row all to myself on this plane, so it is almost better than being in first-class!

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  1. So you’re REALLY writing to say that you got it, I still don’t see this confirmed anywhere, or as anything more than a FA that was being nice.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I meant, I was going to ask but never got the chance to. She reached out to me and said that she saw on her list that I am a Chairman and that as part of that, I get a drink and a meal. I didn’t even ask, she proactively told me. I asked her if this is common, and she said yes, all Chairmen and ExPlats get this benefits. Nicer than flying in coach on US Airways!

  2. Too bad there’s not much for EXPs flying US Airways. Last flight had 4 seats free in F and I still had to work with the gate agent to get a preferred seat in coach.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      There’s not much for non-upgraded anyone on US Airways. Once they double-booked a first-class seat and I got bumped. I jokingly asked if I can at least take a drink with me, and received a stern, “We don’t do that.”

  3. Im a gold member on british airways and last year traveling american on coach the flight attendent offered me the same, free of charge as I was (according to her) an executive platinum.
    So I would guess this benefit applies to all emerald one world member (or at least the ones from BA)

  4. Super Bowl Sunday I received an unsolicited upgrade to first on AA flight MIA to DCA. GA scanned my boarding pass and then handed me a new one with upgrade, and acknowledged my US Air silver status. Was a late night flight, not an elite heavy flight, but was very surprised.

  5. I talked with a flight attendant about this last week, she said there was no formal rule but some do it as they consider us the same, but it’s not a policy of any kind.

    Along that same line the upgrades we sometimes get are not either.. Formally there is nothing extended and even the lowest AA member should get a seat over a Chairmans, some gate agents are however nice about the bump and will do it if it was an otherwise empty seat..

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