When Are We Going to Get Gyms on Planes?

With the recent scientific news that sitting for long periods of time causes even more health problems than we’ve assumed, I have to ask–when are we going to get gyms in flight?

I’ve often told people that being in flight is not that different from being in the office.  I have the internet and I can work for hours, uninterrupted (except by a new glass of wine).

But the huge difference for me between that and the office is I cannot get up and walk around as easily on the plane.  I also have made myself an elliptical desk both at home and work.

So when I’m blogging, I’m usually on this:

2014-09-04 19.47.12

Confession, I can also fit a glass of wine up there.  But lately, I’ve made sure it is a glass of red wine to get the most out of my workouts.

I know normal exercise equipment is way too heavy to put on an airplane.  But with the advent of multi-room suites and bars in first class, something like an area with exercise bands wouldn’t be too unreasonable.  Or even an adjustable resistance pedal built into the seat in front of you.

Because it’s that above the Dom or caviar or hot towels on the flight that would truly make my experience easier and memorable.  (Though I wouldn’t mind a COLD towel after a brief workout).  When I’m traveling, I feel like I don’t get to exercise as much, and would love if I could pedal away as I blogged (and drank red wine) on flights!

How about you?

If not a gym, what’s your wishlist?


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  1. Things could get really nasty during turbulence!

  2. I second Kathy. Also, won’t you need a shower? Without one, I have a feeling the gym area of the plane will stink with sweat.

  3. Airlines are all about maximizing profits. Since a gym area would take up space where seats could be installed, I don’t see it happening.

  4. you work out in sandals?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yup, when I’m blogging or working. I’m not in full on let’s-go-cardio-mode, just, let’s keep moving. When I’m typing, just my feet are moving the machine. I use the arm part when I’m reading. Since elliptical doesn’t involve lifting the feet, I don’t trip or anything.

      For running and stair master, I use sneakers (and I don’t try to write at the same time!)

  5. At cabin air pressures at 30000 feet, you would be able to go maybe 200 yards on the treadmill before you ran out of breath.

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