You Think YOUR Flight Delay is Bad?

The most epic-ly delayed flight ever may finally take off in February or March of next year.  After three years of delays, adventurous tourists may finally get the chance to travel to outer space.  Seriously.

KRQE reports on the Virgin Galactic’s impending flight:

Initial plans had Virgin Galactic’s first commercial flight taking off three years ago, and it has been a moving target ever since, eventually pushing the deadline back to February of this year, then August, and now.

“I’ll be on the first flight from New Mexico,†Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson told David Letterman two weeks ago. When asked when that will take place, he said, “February or March of next year.â€

Tickets run $250,000 and there’s no word on whether or not passengers will receive airline credit for the delays 😉

A quarter of a million is a lot of money, but when compared to the Etihad Suites, which could run close to $50,000 for a round-trip flight, it starts looking like a much better deal.

Sit in an apartment in flight vs. GO TO SPACE.  I think there’s a clear winner here.

Space Outerspace
Space–the Final Frontier–may not be so far away.

© Ptasha | - Deep Outer Space Photo

Not to say I wouldn’t take anyone up on an offer to fly in the Etihad suites…


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