Staying Fully Stocked on Razors for Cheap

As I snagged a bag of my usual pastel pink, purple and “mint” razors a few months ago, it suddenly occurred to me that I was paying a few more dollars per bag for my razors to be girly looking.

So I started buying men’s razors.

That didn’t solve another problem of mine.  When I was taking extended work trips (where I was hopping from city to city without going home), the razors were taking up a lot of room in my carry-on.

I don’t like using dull blades (and perhaps am a little OCD with it) but having multiple handled razors were cluttering my bag and I didn’t want to upgrade to expensive razors with changeable blades.

Then I discovered The Dollar Shave Club.

Basically, this is a subscription club for razor blades.  You buy a handle for a few bucks, and they send you the blades once a month.  There are three types:  two blades are $1 per month, three blades are $6 per month, and a gazillion blades is $9 per month.  Shipping runs about $2.

I use the $1 a month on the every other month plan, so I pay $18 a year for blades.

Dollar Shave Club Blades


Now I have a handle permanently in my carry-on, along with a pack of blades.  I have the same set at home.  When I use up some of the blades in my carry on, I just swap it with a full pack, so I never run low.

Sure, it’s not pink.  But it’s cheap.  And it works just as well as the more expensive razors I’d been using.

Anyone else try it?

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  1. I have read (so it must be true :). ) that the blades on some women’s razors are different than men’s razors in the angle of the cutting surface so that they will provide a close shave but not nick as much on legs and etc. not sure it’s true though.

  2. P&G just launched a shave club with their Gillette brand to compete with Dollar Shave Club. I haven’t used either so can’t comment from a personal experience.

  3. That plan is too expensive. Buy a Gillette Fusion razor and buy replacement blades from Free shipping and years of blades.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      My husband has a Gillette Fusion razor but thought the blades were too much so stopped refilling them. Thanks for the tip! I will check it out.

  4. Store bought blades are too expensive! I bought my wife a handle from DSC and gave her a pack of my double blades and she’s happy. Great way to save a few $$$.

  5. If you like the dollar shave club razors you should check out Dorco razors on Amazon. They are the supplier for dollar shave club. I use their 6 blade razor and it is just as good as the gillette fusion at a fraction of the price.

  6. Jeanne,

    Just a heads up, Dollar Shave Club is a cool idea. However, I went ahead and purchased the razors directly from the manufacturer that supplies DSC. It is a company called Dorco and they are the exact same razors they send you now. The 4 blade razors are the ones I use and are quite comparable to the Mach 3 razors I used to use. You can buy direct from Dorco and save 50%. Seriously, give it a look you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Don’t ever pay for razors! CVS gives them away free all the time! I have a whole box full of them, I’ll trade you for some miles!

  8. Ugh. Shaving with a razor is not the most efficient way for women to remove body hair. Give laser hair removal a try. You’ll never have to shave again. That’s what I did. And it’s now very affordable. Groupon and Living Socials deals all the time, especially if you live in a big city like L.A., NY, Boston, Chicago. Waxing also works nicely. Compared to newer methods, shaving seems so old fashioned. Try something else. You’ll never buy another razor again!

  9. Laser hair removal definitely worked for me. I’m of Mediterranean descent, so I had A LOT of hair on my legs, but since I did laser hair removal, about 8 years ago… all gone, forever, even through pregnancy when I thought hormones would make my hair grow back like crazy. Granted, I went to over 9 sessions (on groupon you usually get anywhere from 3-6 in those deals), spread out through a year, but all the investment of time and money (didn’t get it through a deal back then, because Groupon didn’t even exist) was most definitely worth it. But it’s definitely a time commitment, so it’s the sort of thing you need to consider as a year-long project, because you have to follow up.

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