Find Out When the Flight You Want Drops in Price

We’ve highlighted some easy tools for flight booking, including Google Flights.

Google Flights lets you easily search for dates by scrolling through flights, search for whatever is cheapest in a general date range, and search for only whatever airlines or alliances you want.  It was built for frequent travelers and newbies alike.

Google Flights


Now Google has integrated this in with their Google Now product.  They have started actively pushing when a flight drops in price to people’s phones.

The Android Police explain here:

Google Now is constantly gaining new abilities that are generally awesome, if a little bit creepy. One such feature, brought to our attention today, is the ability to keep track of flight prices.

This is another automatic feature whereby Google infers your intention and presents useful info on that basis. In this case, if you are eyeing a flight or itinerary through Google Flights (it does not appear that this works with other travel booking sites right now), Google will make a note of that and drop a helpful card into your Google Now screen to let you know when the price of that flight changes.

Google Now has been really great.  It lets me know when I need to leave to go to appointments, how my sports teams are doing, and any other tidbits I need to know.

For example:

2014-09-24 02.27.23

It lets me know my sports teams scores (the Nationals won!), when the TV shows I watch have new episodes, and when the websites I frequent have new content.  For example, it linked to Points and Pixie Dust’s Is booking site HotelEngine an “insider secret”.

I’m excited about finding about flight cost updates automatically because I often check flight prices to random places when I have free weekends.  I don’t book if they are too expensive, but it would be nice to know when it drops.


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