Weird Uber Bug–Free Trips That Aren’t Free

I’ve had this strange bug happen when I’ve taken an Uber ride a few times now.  I get home.  Open my phone.  And I see $0.00 on my screen.

Later, I get emailed a receipt for $0.00.  The receipt does not show any credit getting me a free ride (and I don’t really have any referrals), so the $0.00 is confusing each time.

Then many hours later, I get another receipt telling me how much my ride really ways.

For example, my ride home yesterday first came up as this:



Then at 4am I received this receipt:

Uber not free


I knew something was wrong with the first, because Uber shows discounts this way:

Free Uber Ride

I’m not complaining.  I didn’t earn the free trips so it didn’t surprise me that they are later charging me.  But I don’t understand why this is happening and I bet it could be really confusing to some people if they don’t realize they are actually getting charged.

Is this happening to anyone else?


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  1. Uber also has a habit of not honoring “free ride” promos 🙂 That’s why I switched to Curb.

  2. I have not noticed this, but I have noticed that when a trip is ended, the app does not go to the trip transaction close out & rating screen right away. Sometimes it takes a period of time for the close & rate trip screen to appear.

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